KEC Holdings is a private investment vehicle representing the Citron family's interests.

We engage in a broad range of investment activities
and focus on long-term capital appreciation across this
spectrum of activities.

About Us

KEC Holdings engages in a broad range of investment activities focusing on capital preservation and long-term appreciation.

The company has the flexibility to invest in a wide variety of asset classes. It invests in everything from equity and debt to hybrid securities. It also selectively makes investments in the private and public markets through established third-party managers.

Our Team

Jeffrey Citron

Jeffrey Citron is the Managing Partner of KEC Holdings.

Jeffrey Citron is considered a technological pioneer and industry leader. Throughout his career he has used disruptive technologies to transform industries ranging from electronic trading to financial services and telecommunications.

Jeffrey began his career on Wall Street as a trader, where he quickly developed the skills required to create one of the first electronic communication networks, The Island ECN. Introduced in 1995, it quickly transformed the financial services industry and was later sold to Instinet Group, now part of NASDAQ.

At the same time Jeffrey was creating Island, he was also transforming another industry, financial services. With the creation of Datek Online, Datek brought the power of professional trading tools to the everyday investor. Under his leadership, Datek became the fourth largest online brokerage company in the U.S. and Jeffrey was named Chairman and CEO. He retired from the company in October 1999 and Datek was later sold to TD Ameritrade.

After transforming Wall Street, Jeffrey set his sights on another industry, telecommunications, with the founding of Vonage. Launched in 2001, Vonage pioneered voice communication via high speed Internet and cloud enabled devices. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey-based company. Vonage has some 2.4 million subscribers in the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom. He served as CEO from 2001 to 2006 and has acted as Chief Strategist and interim CEO. In May 2006, Vonage was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Along with being a visionary entrepreneur, Jeffrey is also a passionate philanthropist. In 1999, Jeffrey and his wife founded the Charles Lafitte Foundation aimed at helping people and others around them lead healthy, satisfying and enriched lives. CLF focuses on four primary causes: children’s advocacy, education, medical research and initiatives, and the arts.

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